Tag Size - Find out how big or small the pet ID tag and owner's ID is

Scale of pet ID tag and owner's ID


Each of the pet ID tag and pet owner's card come in fixed sizes.

The pet ID tag is small enough to fit your pet dog or cat nicely, whether your furkid is small, medium or large! Don't be fooled by the small size of the pet ID tag. The text on small tag is incredibly legible!
The owner's ID is a credit card-sized.
Each pet ID tag comes with a free small key ring so you can easily hook it onto your furkid's collar or leash!


Pet ID tag size 

Pet ID Tag


Length: 2.125 in (5.4cm)
Height: 1.125 in (2.9cm)


Owner ID tag size

Owner ID Tag


Length: 3.375 in (8.6cm)
Height: 2.125 in (5.4cm)


Icon attribution:
Pets by Anne Bittencourt from the Noun Project
users by Milinda Courey from the Noun Project