Stickers - EZ-Link Card Sized (3s)

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Say goodbye to boring designs on Ez-Link card and electronic gadgets! Personalise them with our uniquely-designed NRIC, Student Pass and graphic design stickers that has your pet's photo and details in them.

Each order comes in a set of 3 different stickers. You can choose from 6 unique designs. These stickers also work perfectly with condo access cards or any other credit card-sized items you wish to personalise.

What's included:

  • 1 x NRIC Sticker (Choose either Singapaw or Pawmanent Resident design)
  • 1 x Petducation Sticker (Choose either Primary or Secondary / Tertiary design)
  • 1 x Graphic Sticker (Choose either 'The Great Gatsby' or 'The Most Pawsome')

Customer Reviews

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G. Lee
Finally A Citizen, Finally A Student!

Thanks for the idea! Miumiu is a SC cum Student!

EZ-Link Card Sized (3s)

Great quality and fast delivery ! Service was prompt and everything went smoothly.