Why pets should have an ID tag

  • 90% of lost pets without IDs never get reunited with owners.
  • Occurrences of lost pets are not uncommon.
  • Most common reasons for not obtaining an ID tag are overconfidence in never losing pet, existence of microchip in pet.
  • Some available options to raise the chances of finding your beloved lost pet include:
    • Normal metal, silicon or plastic tags;
    • Bluetooth trackers; and
    • GPS trackers.


Why some pet owners do not get an ID tag
According to Her World, a whopping 90% of lost pets without identification never get reunited with their owners. 

Anecdotally, 6 out of 10 pet owners we spoke to prior to starting Pawdigy revealed that their pets do not have identification tags. This was surprising, considering if their pet is ever lost, there is only a 10% chance the furkid will ever be found.

One of the most common reasons pet owners whom we spoke to that do not have ID tags, is their utmost confidence in their pets' obedience. They believe their pets will never go missing.

They also pointed out that their pets have a microchip embedded in them so they aren't too concerned with their pets going missing. However, microchip scanners are only available at vets' premises or animal shelters.

The man on the street won't be able to identify nor be able to contact the owner immediately if he or she does not see a tag on the lost pet's collar. It is also unlikely many passerbys will bring or knows where to bring the pet to the appropriate location to scan its microchip, unless the pet meets a good Samaritan. Worse, there is a chance passerbys may mistake your pet as a stray or simply ignore a lost pet if there is no visible tag on the pet.

Missing pets seem to be a more occurrence than most believe. A quick scroll through of the 'Lost and found pets in Singapore' Facebook page showed at least 50 posts over just a period of days, relating to those seeking assistance on lost pets.

Just as hoomans purchase insurance to guard against unforeseen accidents or illnesses, it makes sense to invest in an ID tag for our beloved pets in the event they unexpectedly go missing.

What are your options
1. Normal metal, silicon or plastic tags
The simplest option is to purchase a normal metal, silicon or plastic tag and attach it to your pet's collar. This is the cheapest and no-frills option and can be purchased from most pet shops or online. Lazada has plenty of relatively inexpensive options that cost S$10 or less. This will be the default choices for most pet owners.

At Pawdigy, we make plastic pet ID tags fun by customising them into quirky designs - Singapaw NRIC, Ministry of Petducation Student Pass and more!

2. Bluetooth tracker
This is a great do-it-yourself way to track down your pet if it goes missing. Because it's a Bluetooth device, the battery usage is relatively low and the battery life can last for months at a time - up to 6 months for some.

However, the downside to such trackers is that the tracking range is limited - less than 100 metres. If your pet runs off further than that, you're out of luck.

3. GPS trackers
This is the Ferrari-equivalent option which will likely be a great option if you are willing to splurge. The most obvious downside is cost. But it's not just the one-time cost of purchasing the GPS tracker. A number such options require subscription plans, including a SIM card, for real-time tracking.

Such devices are also naturally bulkier and heavier. Amazon has a great list of such trackers, with the coolest and with the highest ratings being the Whistle GO & GO Explore that also monitors your furkid's health and activities!


    What we do at Pawdigy to help your pets get found

    At Pawdigy, we make pet ID tags fun, fashionable and highly instagramable accessories so pet owners have a great reason to have tags for their pets and avoid the immeasurable pain of never reuniting with their lost pets.

    Our most popular product is the Singapaw NRIC! We also customise Petducation Primary and Secondary Student Pass (EZ-Link), which are perfect if your furkid is just a couple of years old. 

    When you protect your pet by purchasing an ID tag at Pawdigy, you also do good for animal causes as a portion of our revenue goes towards supporting animal charities such as the SPCA.